About Us

Hi, I'm Emma.
Owner & Creator of Blossom Tree Party 
Blossom Tree Party was created in lock down 2020. This little business of mine all started when the world was in locked inside, i would love to say it started because i was sat at home bored all day with nothing to do but with two kids running around there was no boredom or downtime in the day instead it was created at night when everyone was asleep and my mind was in overdrive.
It was a transition rather than a light bulb moment, i have been selling handmade personalised party goods and gifts on Etsy under the name Blossom Tree Designs for a while now and as things started to slow down it seemed like the right time to start creating a website of my own to sell my products. As the website started to develop i found myself wanting to add products to my collections that i couldn't hand make, i started searching for the perfect products to go with my collections and before i knew it i had boxes and boxes of stock turn up at my door! 
I still have an Etsy account and all my handmade products will still be made under the name Blossom Tree Designs as the business and the name mean so much to me
The Story of Blossom Tree Designs
I have always been a creative and as much as i cannot draw to save my life i have always been the crafter of the family. 
Blossom Tree Designs all started when i was on maternity leave from my IT job as a Software Developer with my first baba...Charlotte. I needed to do something with my time and i needed to make a bit of extra money on the side to keep on top of all the bills. So, i bought all the kit and started to dabble in card making, i was selling to friends and family and having the odd 'Card Party' but they just turned into one too many drinks with friends and a sore head the next day! Soon enough i had an Etsy shop and before i could get too heavily involved in that i was back at work sat behind a desk typing code. 
Fast forward 3 and a bit years and whilst on maternity leave again after having another little girl...Eleanor, Blossom Tree Designs is still going strong. My portfolio has changed quite dramatically and i suspect it is going to continue to change over the years but at a slower pace now that Blossom Tree Party is now live! 
Where did the name Blossom Tree Designs come from?
When i was pregnant with Charlotte my best friend called my baby bump 'Blossom' - little play on words as my married name is Tree so when i was coming up with names for my little business it seemed only right to use it.
If you are wondering what she called my bump the second time round it was 'Maple' :)