We Love our Planet - Balloon Responsibility

We love our planet, so here are some tips and guidelines on how to use and dispose of balloons responsibly
 Latex Balloons
Latex balloons are not made from plastic. They are in fact a plant-based product, made from natural rubber harvested from rubber tree plantations which are a renewable resource.
Latex balloons do breakdown so are biodegradable. However, when balloons become litter the don't degrade sufficiently or quickly enough to prevent possible risk or harm to wildlife.
Foil Balloons
Foil balloons are not biodegradable therefore we recommend reusing them when possible. To do this insert a drinking straw into the valve on the balloon and push the air out from the balloon, do this delicately as the valve part of foil balloons are delicate and you may damage the balloon. 
Tip: If you want to keep your foil balloon inflated for longer you can add extra helium, simply insert the helium nozzle into the valve on your balloon and add more helium.
Balloon Releases
We do not condone the deliberate release of balloons at Blossom Tree Party
Follow the tips below and take care of our lovely planet